Investment Group

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This department focuses on finding real estate investments with high returns with a minimal risk in attractive areas such as Málaga, Marbella, Nerja and now also Costa Tropical.

We have chosen to specialize on constructionable plots around Costa del Sol and offer a comprehensive solution to our investors where we, in consultation with our own team of lawyers, architects and experts, project the construction and take care of the sales management of the future homes to the end customer.

That’s why we always focus on delivering good plots where our team has conducted a market research and are confident we can deliver a good product to our clients while maintaining a high return for investors and an attractive price for the end costumer in a short period of time.

We also offer a wide range of longer-term investments such as hotel buildings, student housing and commercial real estate.

♦ Note that we cannot publish most of the projects in public so please contact us for a presentation of us and more information about investment opportunities.

The best investment on Earth is earth.
– Louis Glickman


Real Estate Related Income, Real Estate Appreciation and Cash Flow

What type of services do we provide to our clients?

– Real Estate Related Income, (Buy and Sell)
We specialize in finding plots in attractive areas around  Costa del Sol and Costa Tropical with potential of building residential real estate. This is possible due to the local connections we have and the years of working with brokerage agencies which allows us to have a realistic insight in the Spanish real estate market to decide what type of end product is more likely to sell in a short  period of time providing high ROI to the investors.

-Short Time Real Estate Appreciation
This type of investment is based on finding interesting buildings in attractive areas where we in consultation with our architect and construction team figured out the most profitable solution for the property to be able to increase the value and giving the investor a increased profit in a short period of time. The next step is either selling or converting the property to a passive income, this however is a decision the investor make. Here we have different types of options for our clients, we can either manage several smaller buildings or focus in one major project.

– Acquiring Real Estate Cash Flow Income
With an inside view of the market and years of experience we can find the best investments with high cash flow return to our clients and investors, right now we are not managing this type of projects and we are working on be able to do so in the near future. Meanwhile we convey this sort of asset.