Ivonne Oliva

Ivonne Oliva

Insurance Agent

+34 651 444 359

Swedish - English - Spanish

Ivonne Oliva as official and exclusive agent of Liberty Seguros. We can offer insurance of all kind to competitive prices.

We take care of that you are insured here in Spain.
What are your needs? What do you want for safety?

With us you can come in and insure you and be sure to be protected if
the accident occurs.

We offer: Home insurance. Car Insurance. Life insurance. Health care
insurance. Corporate Insurance and Animal Insurance.

Types of insurance

Home Insurance

We are exclusive agents of Liberty Seguros and can offer Home insurances that adapts to your needs.You should never worry about your holiday home in Spain. Let us help you find the right insurance

Car Insurance

We offer car insurance so you can drive secure in Spain at the best prices and an agent will always asses you in English, Swedish or Spanish when needed. Because we care about you…

Animal Insurance

Take care of your little darlings. Insure them with us and make sure they always are in good health.

We also love animals and we want to be there for them when needed

Life Insurance

Life insurance is a combination of caring, commitment and common sense. We want to help you taking care of your loved ones. When it comes to important decisions in your life choose wisely.

Have everything under the same roof