How to buy a property in Spain?

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How to buy a property in Spain?

Buying a home in Spain can be the best you’ve ever done, but it is important to acquire the right property/is in the right area depending on what purpose you have.

Here we will clarify how the buying process is done in Spain and what is important to remember before and after. Before the purchase We usually say that the most important thing is to arrange Financing, NIE number and Time to come here personally to know which city and area best suits your situation depending on what purpose you have with the purchase.

It may be that you only buy as an investment and want as much ROI as possible or you may want to stay in the property during the winter months and the rent is secondary, more like a positive extra to cover the housing costs.

Whatever purpose you have and how you want to buy (With foreign companies,form a Spanish company or as an individual), we help you through this amazing and exciting experience to find what suits you!


Before the purchase




If you wish to finance your home from a Spanish bank as a non-resident. You will need to submit a variety of documents to strengthen your repayment ability and then get a preliminary notice of what price range you can deal with.

Also note that you have to add, approximately 11% taxes and fees on a home purchase in Spain, which is VAT, registration of the property, public notary and Attorney .

If you buy new production you have to add 14% (tax and fees) to the total price.

NIE number

NIE number is a non-resident tax number in Spain and is required to be able to register you as a new owner in the Spanish deed register.

Once you have decided on an property and pay the reservation, you can arrange this at the same time (More about it further down).

Come to Spain and look at interesting properties  

This may be the most obvious part, but we have chosen to rewrite it in any case. It is extremely important to be here personally and to know what feels right and what area is most appropriate for you.

You can always send an email to us and tell us a little about yourself and what the purpose of the purchase is and what criteria are required and we will help you find the right place in right area.

Hire a legal representative


It is very important to hire a lawyer who represents and monitors your interests throughout the purchase. We can of course recommend skilled and trusted attorneys if desired.

During the purchase


Reservations contract

Once you have decided on a property, you can often as a sole buyer initiate a negotiation with the property owner.

Once you have reached a price that both parties are satisfied with, the property owner usually accepts a reservation amounting between 3000-6000 euros in cash to remove the housing from the market.

We also recommend to hire a technical architect who conducts an inspection of the property’s condition because in Spain, it is the buyer who have a duty of investigation and purchase the residence in “Existing Condition”.

You usually spend 1-2 weeks on handing over the deposit amounting to 10% of the total purchase price and writing on a so-called “Contrato de Arras” or “opción de compra” contract where you agree on any clauses and until when

you as a buyer undertakes to pay the remaining amount of the property (90%).


Closing date

This has become a bit of a ceremony where property owners, buyers and brokers meet with the notary public to write the so-called “Escritura  pública de compraventa” (Purchase Letter). Here the remaining part of the purchase price (90%) is paid, as well as fees and taxes, This is paid directly to the notary with a certified bank check.

Usually, you get the keys and access to your new home unless otherwise agreed on the same day.


After purchase


Subscriptions and insurance

It is important to transfer all types of subscriptions (Electricity, Water) to the new property owner’s name. We will of course help with this if desired!



This is also a service we offer (note only to customers who have bought trough us) but You are free to choose which company you want. 

We always offer tailored solutions to match your needs and we are with on all these steps to guide you to a successful house purchase and investment!

The absolute first step may be to contact us, email us and tell us a little about yourself, your situation, the purpose of the purchase, the wishes that the property will meet and what favorite areas if you already know the town or village and we will guide you in the best way!


-Welcome to us if you want to talk about real estate in Spain!-



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