Guide to Málaga Histórico

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Centro Historico de Málaga

For those who love big cities and history we really recommend to visit Málagas Historic Center!

Quietly located in a cove surrounded by mountains and delimited by the rivers Guadalmedina and Guadalhorce, Málaga Historico is something we definitely recommend to visit.

With its 2800 years of history, Málaga is one of the oldest cities in Europe.

The city experienced the largest civilizations in the Mediterranean from the Phoenicians and Greeks  thanks to the strategic location of the port, an important place along the trade routes since ancient times.

This introduction is to say that Malaga is not only the capital of the Costa del Sol, is also an destination known all over the world since the beginning of the tourist boom in this area, where the climate, the sea, the beaches and the golf courses constitute an irresistible attraction for national and international tourists.

There are plenty of things to do, if you feel like shopping or coffee, there is either a cafe or clothes shop around the corner.

Malaga is the place where you can spend hours and always come back without getting bored.


Suggestions for what to do in Malaga:


A visit to Gibralfaros Castle and the Roman Theater next door.

The Gibralfaros castle is an icon in Málaga and is depicted on the city and province’s flag and seal. This 900th century monument with robust fortifications from the 13th century is located just above the Moorish fortress Alcazaba in the Montes de Málaga mountain range. At the top you can look out over the historic walls, Málaga’s port and the Mediterranean coastline. Malagasy Roman Theater is the oldest of the Iberian Peninsula and dates back to about 100 AD. It is also the city’s oldest attraction and the only Roman remains. The theater was used until the 3rd century and then fell in oblivion.

Alcazaba is also well worth a visit.

The fortress Alcazaba with its beautiful gardens is one of Malaga’s main attractions and is to be experienced during a visit to the city. Alcazaba began to build in the 700s but was only completed in the 1000s.

The Cathedral of Malaga offers a beautiful architecture that we must see for ourselves.

The Cathedral of Malaga (Catedral de Málaga) is a Roman Catholic Cathedral in Málaga, Andalucia, in southern Spain, renamed-style. It is located in an area previously bounded by a part of a medieval city wall that is currently missing, remains of the city wall surrounding the nearby Alcazaba and the Gibralfaro fortress facility.

Plaza de la Merced is a spacious 19th century square in Málaga’s historic heart.

Plaza de la Merced is lined with cafes, bars and restaurants and here the atmosphere starts late in the afternoon, when both visitors and local residents catch the last sun rays and exchange stories with each other. Sit down on a patio on the north side and order tapas or coffee. Look at the bronze statue of Picasso sitting on a bench and visit the artist’s birthplace.

Picasso Foundation

Málaga’s most famous son, within the art, Pablo Ruiz Picasso and museum dedicated to him, will be named first. Housed in the beautifully restored Palacio de Buenavista, twelve halls show a permanent collection of the painter’s and sculptor’s work from several periods. Additionally, here are temporary exhibitions. The museum opened in 2003. A must if you are interested in art, here you can spend a few hours without further notice. There is a history of this famous artist and an incredible price development on Picasso’s art not only paintings but he worked in several materials, take care to photograph it Unfortunately you’re banned on most paintings, but go there and enjoy it all!

CAC Malaga (Modern Art Museum).

Be sure to go to the modern art museum to suit you who like some more modern art!

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